What is Brick Fan Fest?

Brick Fan Fest is the Souths largest LEGO fan event. It is two days filled with everything LEGO. We have everything a Lego fan could enjoy. We have large LEGO displays, build zones, games, speakers and more. Check out our vendors for all the latest LEGO sets, minifigures and more. Come check us out!

Who is Brick Fan Fest for?

The event is for LEGO fans of all ages. Public visitors of all ages are welcome to come. There is something for everyone to see and enjoy at this family friendly event.

Who needs tickets?

Anyone who wishes to attend during the public hours needs to have a public ticket. Children two and younger are free to attend the event.

Can I bring my creation to the show?

Yes, if you are register as an exhibitor. Space is limited so please request permission early.

Please contact us for more information on displaying your LEGO creation at the event.

All other LEGO creations must stay home. We will have plenty of other LEGO activities to keep you busy.

Will there be tickets at the door? Do I need to purchase online?

There will be tickets at the door both days of the event. However, tickets are full price at the door. You can purchase tickets early for the event at a discounted rate of $20.

The event can get busy. Save time and purchase your tickets online in advance!

Are pictures or videos allowed to be taken at the event?

Of course, we love for you to take pictures and videos of the event. You can tag us at @BrickFanFest on Facebook or #BrickFanFest on Instagram.

Can I be a vendor at Brick Fan Fest?

If you sell LEGO products, you can become a vendor. All products must be LEGO or preapproved.

For more information, visit the vendor page.

Have more questions?

Have more questions that we did not answer here. You can always contact us.