Exhibitor Schedule

Below is the Exhibitor schedule and the description of the activities for the 2023 Tampa Brick Fan Fest show.

Some of the Exhibitor activities require sign-up for the activity. If the activity has a number next to it, that number represents the number of people who can sign up for an activity.

To signup for activities, click on the activity descriptions below to be taken to a signup page for the activity.  You can always arrive at the start time of an activity and if there is space or a no show you may get in. Registering for the game is the best way to confirm your spot.

You will receive your raffle tickets when you check-in to the event. The tickets will be used for prizes at some of the activities.

  • The schedule is subject to change. Please check the website for the most up to date schedule.

Description of Activities

Click on any of the Exhibitor activities that do not say open to register for the event. All activities that state open do not require a sign-up.

Architecture Zone Challenge (12 people)

Build the most creative sculpture or building for this challenge. All the bricks are white bricks in the zone to make it interesting. Best build will stay up during public hours. 

Location: Architecture Zone


( 12 tables)

We will have 15 tables available for selling your LEGO stuff. Sell to your fellow exhibitors. Bring sets, minifigures, parts or whatever to sell. We will also be doing a minifigure swap at the same time so bring your minifigures.

Location: Challenge Zone

Dino Dig Game

( 12 people)

Come check out our newest game. We divide you in teams of two and have you race the other teams to dig through to see who can find the most hidden bones .

Location: Jurassic Zone

Speed Build

(8 people)

We will split you up into teams for this event. See which team can be the fastest to complete the set.

Location: Challenge Zone

Closing Remarks (open)

Come hear us thank you for coming out to the event and talk to you about our next event. Prizes to be given out. Bring your raffle tickets to win. 

Location: Challenge Zone

Exhibitor Dinner and Awards

(signup required)

Come join us for a free buffet station dinner on Saturday evening. We will be announcing the awards and giving away some prizes at the event. Bring your raffle tickets to win. 

Location: Magnolia Room

Magic Show with Tom Vorhahan (open)

Magician Mike Edwards will perform a 30 minute magic show after the Exhibitor dinner. The show is open and sign up is not required. He will perform some LEGO themed tricks for us.

Location: Florida West Room

Mosaic Build Contest (16 people)

Come join us at the Mosaic wall. Come see if you can build the best 16×16 mosaic in this timed event.

Location: Mosaic Wall

LEGO Trivia (open) (15 people)

We will split you up into teams for this event. See which team can be the fastest to complete the set.

Location: Florida West Room

Opening Event

Come join us for some quick open statements about the show. Prizes will be given out. Bring your raffle tickets to win.  

Location: Challenge Zone

Night of Lights

Come check out all the displays as we turn off most of the lights in the hall. Come see all the displays shine. Add some lights to your MOC and display it at the Night of Lights

Location: Exhibit Hall